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Ruth Wittlinger: Thatcherism and Literature

Ruth Wittlinger

Thatcherism and Literature Representations of the ‹State of the Nation’ in Margaret Drabble's Novels

This study explores the relationship between politics and literature in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s. It examines the »state of the nation« novels by Margaret Drabble in terms of their contribution to the political discourse of this significant period in British post-war history which witnessed the transition from the post-war social-democratic settlement to the establishmeht of the Thatcherite hegemony.

Ruth Wittlinger is Lecturer in Politics at the University of Durham, UK.
Her main research interests are in the area of politics and literature, particularly in post-war Britain and post-reunification Germany. She is co-editor of, and contributor to The Idea of Europe in Literature (1999) and Attitudes Towards Europe (2001) and contributor to Representations of Education in Literature (2000) and the journal Culture and Communication (3/1-2000).


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