André Kempe: Nanostructures in Precambrian Fossils

André Kempe

Nanostructures in Precambrian Fossils

Nano-Geo-Biology wants to understand the smallest objects that are important to life and the earth. In this book Kempe takes a very close look at Earth's most ancient fossils that dominated the planet for more than 3 billion years: Precambrian unicellular organisms.
The modern tools of nanotechnology enable us to ask more complex questions about those fossils than we could afford to ask in the past: what are they made of and how does their composition vary inside? Are there conserved biologic cell structures that can be identified? What are the physical properties of the single cellular components and how do they change over time in the rock?
This book provides a short introduction to the basic characteristics of precambrian unicells, it explains the function and possibilities of instruments that are used in nanotechnology, the most prominent being the Atomic Force Microscope, and it shows how to prepare carbonaceous fossils for the AFM. Some new insights into the nanoscopic composition of precambrian unicellular organisms are presented.


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