Antonios Kyriakopoulos, Bernhard Michalke, Alexandra Graebert, Dietrich Behne: Metallobiolomics

Antonios Kyriakopoulos, Bernhard Michalke, Alexandra Graebert, Dietrich Behne


Analysis, Function, Clinical Trials

The idea for the proceeding book arose from the enjoyment of documenting the members talks and posters, especially those by the young scientists who inspired the „Metallobiolomics“ conference. The proceeding book provides some insight into the current state of studies in the field of metals/metalloids in biologically active systems.

The section on analytic contains crucial ideas about new applications, whereas the section on structure and function provides basic information with regard to metal containing proteins. The last topic gives some important information concerning clinical application. It also pays close attention to the clinical application of the essential element selenium. The main subject of the joint meeting is the diversity of the methods combined to obtain statements and results on the relationship between metal/metalloid and biological systems.

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