Melissa Promes: Change Management and Organizational Learning in a New Working Environment

Melissa Promes

Change Management and Organizational Learning in a New Working Environment

A longitudinal and mixed methods research design

The research in this dissertation focuses on identifying variables that influence employee satisfaction with the BMW Group’s new working environment in Munich, Germany. In order to determine how physical elements in the working environment and new workplace practice affect employee satisfaction, change monitoring techniques are applied throughout a two year longitudinal study. Additionally, the learning culture is analyzed in response to the new working environment, specifically regarding how workplace changes influence the perceived effect of the working environment on the learning culture.

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Über die Autorin

Melissa Marie Promes is a change management and organizational learning specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of new working environments. Melissa earned her degree at the department of educational sciences at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich (Germany), in combination with the BMW Group in Munich. Furthermore, Melissa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology at California State University, Chico (USA), as well as a Master of Arts degree in the Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education program at Ludwig-Maximilians-University.

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