Albert Lauterbach: The Odyssey of Rationality

Albert Lauterbach

The Odyssey of Rationality

Among social democratic economists, the late Professor Albert Lauter-bach ranks high. This volume is evidence of the wide range of interests he had and represents but a fraction of the number of articles, not to speak of books and pamphlets, that he wrote in his lifetime. The prolific outpouring of published works is the more impressive when one becomes aware of their quality, originality and felicity in style. The turgid and jargon-filled prose of many scholars that makes their publications nearly incomprehensible to the average layman is lacking in Lauter-bach's books and articles though they appeared primarily in scholarly journals. The author was constantly concerned about the precise use and meaning of terms, such as socialism, communism and development that filled the scholarly literature. He wanted the reader, as this volume shows, to understand the terms and to be aware of their misuse and lack of precision.


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