Stefan Lorenz Sorgner: Metaphysics without Truth

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner

Metaphysics without Truth

On the Importance of Consistency within Nietzsche's Philosophy

»In clear and robust prose, Stefan Sorgner has written a bold and ambitious book on Nietzsche’s metaphysics and philosophy of truth. It offers a genuinely original attempt to resolve the apparent contradiction between Nietzsche’s advocacy of a particular metaphysical doctrine, that of ‘will to power’, and his ‘perspectivalist’ account of truth. Sorgner’s contentious but well-argued interpretation deserves to stimulate considerable critical discussion among students of Nietzsche.
David E. Cooper, University of Durham/UK

»an innovative and scholarly exploration of nihilism and the spirit (of our time) in Nietzsche«
Chris Long, University of Durham/UK

»The author’s exposition of Nietzsche’s metaphysics is incisive, original and thought-provoking. [...] fresh and sharply focused«
Paul MacDonald, Murdoch University, Australia

»This work provides an original response to the classic question concerning the authority that Nietzsche can legitimately claim for his philosophical voice [...] Mr. Sorgner boldly attempts to show that Nietzsche is not caught in a paradox«
David Owen, University of Southampton/UK

Stefan Sorgner was born at the 15.10.1973 in Wetzlar/Germany. He studied Philosophy at King’s College/University of London and at the University of Durham.


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