Rozaliya Yaneva: Misrule and Reversals

Rozaliya Yaneva

Misrule and Reversals

Carnivalesque Performances in Christopher Marlowe’s Plays

How do Christopher Marlowe’s plays relate to interpretations of carnival as being either a beneficial repression inspired by anxiety or a deliberate expression of resistance towards all that is established and permanent? Where can one place carnival in his dramatic works? Renaissance drama invited a consideration of various forms of collective life and while great religious festivities of the Catholic calendar were affected by Reformation efforts to control festivity and detach it from religious worship, festive energies on Marlowe`s stage seem to have persisted.
This book views Doctor Faustus, Tamburlaine the Great, The Jew of Malta and Edward the Second through concepts of irreverence, clowning, the high and the low in culture, degradation, laughter and feasting while viewing the plays’ worlds in terms of misrule, inversion and reversal. Who are the clowns in the plays, is the time for revelries restricted and how do the principle of the grotesque and the forces of debasement work are some of the intriguing questions to be pursued.


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