Kaifan Yang: The Concepts of Time in Anglo-Saxon England

Kaifan Yang

The Concepts of Time in Anglo-Saxon England

The book examines the diachronic change of time perception throughout Anglo-Saxon England, with the conversion as a turning point. It draws evidence from a variety of sources,
in particular from a close reading of Bede’s historical writings and his treatises on time, from Old English poetry, especially The Dream of the Rood, The Phoenix, The Wanderer, Beowulf, The Ruin, Deor, from the literature of the Alfredian period, and from the lexical and statistical analysis of Old English time words. It offers insights into the complexity of time in the Anglo-Saxon context, and shows how the change of time can help to understand the conceptual system of the Anglo-Saxons.


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Über den Autor

Kaifan Yang received his PhD in English and Medieval Studies from East China Normal University in 2014. He was a visiting PhD student at Cornell University in 2011. Now he teaches at Wenzhou University, and his research interests include Old English literature, the teaching of English literature, and area studies.

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