Sophia Huber: African American Vernacular English as a Literary Dialect

Sophia Huber

African American Vernacular English as a Literary Dialect

A Linguistic Approach

Knowledge about one’s linguistic background, especially when it is different from mainstream varieties, provides a basis for identity and self. Ancestral values can be upheld, celebrated, and rooted further in the consciousness of its speakers. In the case of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) the matter is not straightforward and, ultimately, the social implications its speakers still face today are unresolved. Through detailed analysis of the four building blocks phonology, morphology, syntax, and vocabulary, Sophia Huber tries to trace the development of AAVE as a literary dialect. By unearthing in what ways AAVE in its written form is different from the spoken variety, long established social stigmata and stereotypes which have been burned into the consciousness of the USA through a (initially) white dominated literary tradition will be exposed. Analysing fourteen novels and one short story featuring AAVE, it is the first linguistic study of this scope.


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Über die Autorin

Sophia Huber grew up in Regensburg and studied English and Social Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. Her love of books and languages is undiminished. She now lives in Worthing, West Sussex, with her partner and two cats.

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